Use Wechat to Receive Chinese SMS for Free

Use Wechat to Receive Chinese SMS for Free

Get a China Number to Receive Chinese SMS

Since Consolidation has become convenient, netizens in Hong Kong and Taiwan have also loved online shopping in China, such as “” and “”. In addition, the services of some financial institutions may be confirmed through SMS. More and more foreigners are starting to use China’s Internet services. Today, a convenient service for you is to obtain a China mobile phone number from your physical SIM card, and then use WeChat to receive SMS.

Why do I need a Chinese Mobile Phone Number?

With the rapid development of online shopping in China in recent years, Taobao,, and other e-commerce companies offer discounts from time to time. E-commerce companies other than Taobao are still taking the localization route and are not designed for overseas users. To open an account, the first thing that needs to be done is to get a China’s mobile phone number for SMS confirmation.


Many websites in China requires a China number for SMS confirmation
Register page of

In addition, in recent years, many people have also opened accounts in Chinese banks. Therefore, whenever a certain operation is performed, it is confirmed by using a mobile phone SMS. Therefore, a Chinese mobile phone number is useful.

易博通eSender – Receive Chinese SMS via Wechat

The method introduced this time is through the “易博通”, the service is simply to give you a mobile phone number in China, and then to receive SMS. SMS will be sent to you via WeChat, so you There is no need for another phone to plug in the SIM card, as long as WeChat is available. The service is now free trial for 60 days with coupon codes: DS0200 or DS0300 or DS0400! If you want to continue using it later, you only have to pay for it (the cost is also cheaper than the physical SIM card).

How to register 易博通eSender to receive Chinese SMS

Open Wechat(if you don’t have one, just download and register) and scan this QR code


Click “登记开通服务”, means “Register”


Choose “Mainland China Number”


“General Number Registration”


Then enter some personal information, note that the document only requires the number, but does not need to submit a copy. If you want to use it for 60 days for free, please enter DS0200 or DS0300 or DS040 in the promotion code.


Then you can get a +86 China number, use this number to receive Chinese SMS!


Received SMS successfully!

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  1. Thanks for sharing!

    Because I used a free SMS verification code before, the password was retrieved by others, it is not easy to use!

    Therefore, before I registered for eSender, I had thought about such a problem:

    “Is it easy to use?”

    Then, I see the evaluation of other eSender users here:

    I have tested this eSender coupon code: DM1122

    After the first purchase of the package, it can effectively extend the validity period of 30 days.

    I found that the content of eSender teaching here is quite detailed:

    I hope that the above sharing can help everyone!

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  4. I need to get a sms through WeChat to get a Hong Kong Number to receive the Hong Kong $10,000 Cash Handout. They ask me the contact details thru the eSender. What should I put in there? Someone’s phone in Hong Kong. Or my phone number in the USA? They provided 86 and 852, etc. Please advise?

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