Millet 5 battery replacement tutorial and documentary

Millet 5 battery replacement tutorial and documentary

Dangerous action, please do not imitate.

Dance of electricity and fire

Millet 5 Mild Disassembly for Battery Tear History
Based on countless disassembly videos seen, confident hands


No anti static bracelet, touch the wall with your hands to guide static electricity. Turn off the machine. Subsequently, the suction cup sucks down the back cover, twists down nine screws on the back plate, and loosens the back plate with a plastic crowbar, so as to remove it easily. In fact, I didn’t find all the screws at the beginning and screwed them down, but I didn’t break the backboard. To talk about


Use the triangle pry to open the battery to power the left-most BTB of the motherboard. There are two FPCs in the upper part of the battery. If you don’t look carefully, you think it’s the power supply that the battery extends out, but it’s actually the type-C interface that connects the motherboard of the mobile phone (loudspeaker, etc.). Be careful not to destroy it.

Three true battery unloading time

As one of the models of embedded batteries, meter 5 has been fixed with common adhesive, so…
first, use the hair dryer to heat the battery to soften the adhesive. (But I didn’t do that.)
pulled the gelatin slowly (theoretically, it was pulled very long), but it couldn’t move! Great miracle! Snap… When I broke the total of
adhesives, I had to pull second. Break… And… This is definitely my operation problem. (
) GG
the battery is still firmly fixed on the phone. We have to use the hard prying method.
took out the slender metal screwdriver and began to loosen the battery from the lower section. Suddenly, the spark flashed with a crisp and short click, and a faint cloud of smoke rose – old man, a search on the Internet could find a bunch of battery dismantled and exploded. I mean, I’m worried that my battery will explode. If that’s the case, it’s really bad. My God, thank you for giving me this plastic crowbar, and I can do whatever I want. Then, it was a test of a plastic crowbar, and finally a 5 degree angle was picked up from the left side. (in Figure 3, you can see the 1 crowbars broken in the gap). At this point, I decided to use the hair dryer to heat. (oh? Not afraid of battery explosion? So two hours passed, forming a 10 degree angle. In order to completely break up, finally big! Power! Out! Strange! Trace!
the battery was unloaded and not fried.


(replace) the new battery, the wiring machine reboot, charge.
fast charge survival confirmation, no abnormal operation.
! It feels great to switch to a new battery.

[Note 1] fire, as a potential hazard, makes me fear every time I start the battery. That’s why it appears in the title
(Note 2) The structure of Qiaolong 820-14nm is also recognized as a major heat and power consumer.

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